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A symphony of character, mystery, memory and hope, by one of America’s finest writers. 

Aviary is a book to hold dear.

Andrew Sean Greer, winner of the

2018 Pulitzer Prize for Less

With Aviary, McNamer has given us her best work yet, a novel brimming, room after room, with all our mercies and our hauntings. This is a house you want to explore forever, where the smallest acts can be as potent as revelations, and where we, on every beautiful, hilarious, and heart-heavy page, learn a little bit more about ourselves. I didn't want to leave it--

a book I will return to, often, for faith, for light.


Paul Yoon, author of Run Me To Earth

A riveting new novel by one of the great writers of our time, Aviary is a literary thriller that defies every expectation. Funny, tender, heartbreaking—a story of love and grief and mystery, of new beginnings found near the end of life. These pages stirred me deeply. This is a novel I’ve waited a long time for, and now that it’s here, I plan to read it again and again.


 Emily Ruskovich, author of Idaho, winner of the 2019 International Dublin Literary Award

Deirdre McNamer


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Author photo by Mark Bryant